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Successful completion of the rehabilitation of the 12th group of children from Gaza at the URI - SOČA

In the continuation of the project "Rehabilitation of Children, Victims of War from Gaza and Syria", the 12th group of children from Gaza has recently completed the rehabilitation in Slovenia.


For the 26 - day rehabilitation, the University Rehabilitation Institute Soča has received 9 severely injured children, accompanied by one therapist, who followed an extensive training program during their stay. From 2009 onwards, 115 children have been treated and 21 therapists trained at URI SOČA. Besides the rehabilitation program, daily workshops, sightseeing tours and short excusions are organised for the children in partnership with the volunteers, members of the Islamic Community in Slovenia.

The financial resources for the continuation of this project (2015-2018) envisages the rehabilitation of 100 children and training of 20 therapists and are fully guaranteed by the State of Qatar through the Qatar Development Fund.

The Foundation is also very active in Slovenia in many different ways. In addition to the support to Slovenian crisis centers for children, victims of violence within family, individuals and various ad hoc campaigns, the Foundation provides regular monthly support on the annual basis to 21 children in need.



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