Prevention of violence and child abuse

From the beginning on the foundation endeavoured to establish a central specialized Slovenian centre for children and youth who had been victims of the most severe forms of abuse and violence, a place where they could receive comprehensive treatment, as well as consolidate their partnership with the humanitarian child sponsorship project ‘Child Sponsorship in Slovenia’ in aid of children and youth in crisis situations.

The Foundation raised funds for the establishment of a central republic specialized centre for children and youth who had experienced the most severe forms of abuse and violence. We co-financed two new crisis centres in Koper and Nova Gorica for children who are victims of violence. We also bought some equipment needed in other centres.

On an international level we co-financed a project of the missionary Pedro Opeka in Madagascar, where aid is focused on the children of Akamasoa. With our help a nursery was built in 2011-2012.

A major part of our activities is devoted to the continuation of the humanitarian project for the rehabilitation of child victims of the war in Gaza.

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