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16th group of children from Gaza arrived to Slovenia

In the framework of our humanitarian project 16th group of children from Gaza arrived to Slovenia a few days ago.


The group consists of 7 seriously injured children aged from 4 to 12 years and a 20 year old girl who lost her leg in one of the military conficts. Children will stay in Slovenia by mid April. In addition to the intensive rehabilitation and application of new prostheses and other medical devices they will attend a number of workshops and have weekend trips organised by the Foundation and in cooperation with a group of volunteers of the Islamic Community in Slovenia.

Again, a perfect and flawless cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular with the consular service and our diplomatic missions in Tel Aviv, Ramallah and Cairo was extremely important. Without the exceptional professionalism and selfless support of our excellent diplomats in the region, it would be almost impossible to provide all necessary permits for each group to exit Gaza.

In eight years of operation, the project has become widely recognizable as a humanitarian project of Slovenia and enjoys a good reputation as well as the support of many countries and individuals. Since 2009, when the then President Dr. Danilo Türk launched the project we helped 147 children, the innocent victims of war and provided training for 25 therapists. By the end of this year, we expect to bring another 25 wounded children.

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