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Youth from the crisis centres on a cross-country skiing trip with Dr. Danilo Türk and Petra Majdič

Today, on 10 March, 2012, the 'Let Them Dream' – Danilo Türk Foundation went on a day trip which they had organized for a group of children from the youth crisis centres in Koper and Nova Gorica - where they spent time with the President of the foundation council, Dr. Danilo Türk, and the ambassador and volunteer for the foundation, Petra Majdič, who taught the children the basics of cross-country skiing.

The children and youth from the Desetka Crisis Centre and the Žarek Day Centre wrote about the ski trip:

“We had to get up early on Saturday morning so we didn’t miss the bus that left the Desetka Crisis Centre. We went to Rogla. On the way we met up with our friends from Koper Crisis Centre. They also had to get up early so that we would reach Rogla before 10am. At the Planja Hotel we met Petra Majdič and President Danilo Türk who gave us all scarves, then we also gave them a gift. The hotel lent us cross-country skis, poles, and boots. We left to go to the track where the President was already waiting for us. We got to spend time with the children from Koper. The weather was nice. Petra showed us how to put our skis on, then she also showed us some warm-up exercises. The skis are very narrow, but if you use the poles, you won’t fall over. Then we skied up and down the track to get some practice - we got better and better at it. The President even skied with us! We had to be careful not to crash into each other. Both Petra and the President cheered us on and helped us up if we fell down. Some of the children were really good and never fell over. Then we went up a higher hill and skied down. We got a bit tired out, otherwise we would’ve done it many times more. We played and chased each other round and round. At the end we had a competition - Koper against Nova Gorica, but I don’t know who won.

When we got back, we returned the skis to the hotel. Then we went to a lunch that the President and Petra had invited us to. We could talk to them and ask anything we wanted to know about. The lunch was great. Petra brought her Olympic medal and crystal globe to show us. Then we got to get our picture taken with her and her trophy. The medal was really beautiful and definitely something special. Right at the end we took a group picture together. It was nice to get to know the children from Koper.

After that, we went to Zreče, to the pool where we swam, played and splashed about. Although we could also swim outside, it was still a bit chilly. We enjoyed the pool. Shame we couldn’t stay there even longer.

On the way home, some of the children fell asleep, while others told jokes and we all laughed. We stopped at Trojane and had the biggest doughnuts. It was dark by the time we got home and we were all tired. It was a really great day and we would love to go again - with even more of us!”

Some more impressions from the children:

“I had a really nice time, because we got to spend time with Petra Majdič and the President, Danilo Türk. Petra brought her crystal globe and Olympic medal with her, and we got to hold it and take pictures.”

“It was super! It was my first time on cross-country skis. I was really good at it. Petra Majdič told me I was good and should start skiing. My brother Mihec was good at it too. We also had fun in the pool.”

“It was funny because the President tried to help me get up when I fell over in the snow.”

“We had a great time, the best was in the pool. Thank you so much for making it such a nice day for us and giving us this lovely surprise! We will all remember this fun day.”

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