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Former President Dr. Danilo Türk supported the campaign “Let Warm Them”

Humanitarian organization ADRA Slovenia organised today in the Ljubljana City Hall a press conference related to the campaign “Let Warm Them”. At the outset former President of Slovenia Dr. Danilo Türk stressed that Adra has again started the humanitarian initiative to help refugees in Greece, where the aid is needed most. Quick action in the most sensitive areas is a good example of humanitarianism. Local acquisition of goods at a given time is absolutely necessary and has a further value for the environment where help is needed.


Dr. Türk stressed in particular that we need to help Greece, that is exposed to a huge refugee problem, as part of our common European home. This should be an incentive to build better EU policies for the problems posed by refugees and mass migration. He also stressed that it should be understood that humanitarian action can not be a substitute for a good policy that is capable of resolving political issues and thereby prevent a humanitarian crisis. He called for the support for the conference in Astana to consolidate the ceasefire and the creation of basic conditions for peace in Syria. Peace is the only way for the return of refugees to their homes.

Danilo Türk’s foundation Let them dream contributed to “Let Warm Them” campain 1,000 EURO.

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