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For the more pleasant living and more positive experiences of children and youth

The regional Crisis Centre for Youth in Celje is amongst the longest running Slovenian crisis centres for children and youth being financially supported by the 'Let Them Dream' – Danilo Türk Foundation as part of the realization of their mission. Our collaboration so far has been about ensuring the proper conditions for work and living in the centre as well as offering psycho-social help to children and youth.

“Thanks to our collaboration with the 'Let Them Dream' – Danilo Türk Foundation, living in the Celje Crisis Centre for Youth is much more pleasant, many of the children are richer for the much needed positive experience,” wrote the staff from the regional Celje Crisis Centre for Youth, which covers eight local administrative units (Celje, Žalec, Velenje, Mozirje, Laško, Slovenske Konjice, Šmarje pri Jelšah and Šentjur).

“The trip in February where the champion Petra Majdič, as part of the foundation, taught them about cross-country skiing was definitely unforgettable for our children. In most cases, the children and youth can’t afford to go on proper, actively run holidays during the summer. The foundation financially enabled them to have these excursions and take part in camps with the organization Association of Friends of Youth Moste.

Another area in which the Danilo Türk Foundation collaborates with us is in the furnishing of our crisis centre. As we’ve been running for fourteen years and over 600 children and youth have lived here, it is understandable that the furnishings have got a little worn out. Showing great understanding, the foundation helped with the renovation and with its financial support we were able to buy new furniture and a under-floor heating for the house, as well as a television for the sitting room. In this way, we can offer a nice and pleasant environment to those children who come to us looking for help, a place where they can face and solve their problems, while the staff can dedicate their time to working with them,” further wrote Niko Korenjak, Mojca Kolar in Olga Bezenšek Lalić MA from the Celje Youth Crisis Centre.


With the funds from the 'Let Them Dream' – Danilo Türk Foundation the Celje Youth Crisis Centre was able to be refurnished.

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