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We became sponsors to ten children

The 'Let Them Dream' – Danilo Türk Foundation approached the ‘Child Sponsorship in Slovenia’ programme, a humanitarian project of the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth Moste-Polje for the aid of children and youth in crisis situations. In 2013, the 'Let Them Dream' – Danilo Türk Foundation will be sponsoring ten children from the Koroška region, aged 1 to 13, to give them a brighter future: Ajdin, Tanja, Katarina, Mare, Edmond, Matevž, Damir, Kristina, Lucija in Neža.

These children - in the care of the 'Let Them Dream' – Danilo Türk Foundation - were chosen by the Association of Friends of Youth on the basis of a proposal from the Society of Friends of Youth Koroška and who live in unenviable material and social conditions. Due to the financial difficulties of their families, these children lacked any encouragement in life and, due to their poverty, were often excluded from the society of their peers.

The funds from the sponsorship programme, to which the 'Let Them Dream' – Danilo Türk Foundation will be donating, will enable the children to live in better conditions and they will thus be able to have a better childhood and youth.

The project ‘Child Sponsorship in Slovenia’ is designed to improve the quality of life for children and youth who live in Slovenia. The donors enable the children to go on summer and winter trips, camping trips, excursions into nature, have lessons to improve their school work and nurture their talents, as well as other various activities which improve a child’s quality of life.

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