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Improving accountability of the United Nations

Letter to the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti and to the Aids-free World organization


Dear friends,

Thank you for your letter of 27 July, 2016 reaffirming your commitment to building a more accountable and transparent United Nations. I appreciate the fact that your initiative is endorsed by 35 civil society organizations from around the world. I also agree with you that the next Secretary –General must give priority to making the UN more accountable. The examples of sexual exploitation and abuse and the cholera in Haiti demonstrate the gravity and urgency of the task at hand.
Throughout my life – as a human rights expert and activist, as a diplomat, as a member of the UN Secretariat and as a Head of State - I have strived to improve the human condition of peoples by strengthening human rights and justice and by improving fairness in societies. Therefore it is natural that my vision statement for the next Secretary –General starts with “People First…” Moreover, in my media interviews and, most important, in my informal dialogue with the General Assembly, I have clearly expressed my commitment to fairness towards the victims of cholera in Haiti and for substantial, credible and speedy investigations of the cases of sexual abuse committed by peacekeepers.
My commitments were stated and restated unequivocally on all occasions provided by the current process of selection of the next Secretary – General of the United Nations. I welcome the fact that this time the process of selection is conducted much more transparently and openly than on previous occasions. This in itself represents an obligation for me as a candidate for the post of the Secretary –General of the United Nations. If appointed I shall feel most solemnly obliged by the commitments I made in the course of the current, transparent and formally defined selection procedure.
I would also like to add that the Secretary –General has to work closely with member states who alone can require legal undertakings and that this cooperation has to yield effective solutions. Obviously, considered initiatives, advice and specific proposals from civil society are highly welcome. Hence, if selected, I intend to pursue all the necessary consultations with the aim of achieving such solutions.
Therefore, while it is not possible for me as candidate to undertake formal pledges, it is abundantly clear where my heart is and how I intend to approach the critically important issues of accountability in the years to come. I count on your support.
I thank you once again for your initiative and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Danilo Türk

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