Danilo Türk

Former President prof. dr. Danilo Türk, visiting professor at the Law School of the Columbia University in New York

Former President of the Republic of Slovenia, is currently a visiting professor at the Law School of Columbia University in New York. His work is focused on the problem of refugees, which represents a serious symptom of malfunctioning of the international system. Part of this system is also the European Union that has so far not responded appropriately to the mass arrival of the refugees.


The problem is also the inadequate legal framework: the Refugee Convention of 1951 is based on the premise of individual persecution and efforts of individuals to obtain asylum, and is not intended to deal with massive refugee flows and smuggling of migrants. The Dublin Convention and EU regulation have proven to be inadequate. In these circumstances, it is essential that the EU strengthens its capacity to regulate the situation at the external borders, to change its visa policy and to improve its legal regulation. In the longer term, the EU will have to develop a much better model of immigrant integration and establish a common demographic policy. Admittedly, these policy needs appear out of reach today. However, the EU should understand the urgency of the tasks at hand. At the same time, EU should also contribute to the building of an effective global approach to the issues of refugees and migration. The basis for this approach exist in the documents of the UN. However, it will require a more comprehensive discussion on these sensitive issues and a higher level of international security and development cooperation.

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