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Another group of children from Gaza arrived to Slovenia

As part of the project “Rehabilitation of children from Gaza” a new group of 7 severely injured children, aged between 3 and 13 years arrived to Slovenia. They have amputations and injuries of one or both lower limbs and also other serious injuries, that those children have suffered in local armed conflicts. The group is accompanied by a therapist, who will get professional education at URI-SOČA, where they will stay until the end of February.

Former President Dr. Danilo Türk supported the campaign “Let Warm Them”

Humanitarian organization ADRA Slovenia organised today in the Ljubljana City Hall a press conference related to the campaign “Let Warm Them”. At the outset former President of Slovenia Dr. Danilo Türk stressed that Adra has again started the humanitarian initiative to help refugees in Greece, where the aid is needed most. Quick action in the most sensitive areas is a good example of humanitarianism. Local acquisition of goods at a given time is absolutely necessary and has a further value for the environment where help is needed.

Support to “Kresnička” - crisis center for young

The mission of the Foundation is aimed at promoting activities for the prevention and elimination of the effects of child abuse, in areas where peace is threatened, in areas of war, in areas where childrens’ dignity is severely violated and where their lives and health is at risk.

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